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Clan MacNeil


Looking down the islands south of Barra

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 Worldwide Gathering Of The Clan MacNeil


The dates for the 2012 Worldwide Gathering of the Clan Macneil are

 Monday 13 August - Thursday 16 August

Isle of Barra


There are still some additional items to be added to the programme such as a drama and bunting workshop.


Weather Forecast

5-day forcast for Castlebay, Isle of Barra (provided by BBC)



Get to know your destination

View Barra using Google Earth and get and idea of where you are coming to.



The Barra Bunting Project: Be a part of it

Barra Bunting Project

The aim of this project is to unite a worldwide community by bringing them together on one project that everyone can take-part in.

We would like people to make one bunting flag of their own design.  The only qualification needed for making a flag is that you must have set foot on Barra and/or Vatersay. 

All flags created will be sewn together and a large amount of bunting created that can be used at events throughout Barra and Vatersay. 

The Project will also create an archive of all the flags.  For this archive we would like to know a little about yourself and your flag.  We would like you to send the following information to accompany your flag:- Name, Year of birth, Where you live, Your relationship with Barra and/or Vatersay, What your flag represents and a picture of yourself.

This is not a one-off project.  It will go on year after year with new people creating flags and them being added to the original bunting.


Bunting Template and Info

For more information please visit www.facebook.com/barrabunting


There will be a chance for you to make your piece of bunting at the Gathering so why not bring some bits and pieces and ideas you would like to incorporate with you.



My status

If you would like updates emailed to you then please click on the following link and send the email. 



Isle of Barra Community


Privacy Policy

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